6 thoughts on “MetroFi Teams With AT&T for Muni WiFi”

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  2. wait… AT&T, aka the deathstar, has partnered to build a municipal wifi network??

    i thought all AT&T knew how to do was beg the government for permission to eliminate competition.

  3. Looks like its time for the rebel forces to start searching for r2 units and get to work on figuring out how to take down the deathstar.

    It is telling that this is announced only a few days after MetroFi got the greenlight for the city planners of Portland to do up that city with spectrum squashing wifi.

    Everyone with exisiting wifi networks in Portland must be woindering if they should rename the city to Alderan.

    CmdAkbar (retired)

  4. Why does this put a crimp in Earthlink’s plans? I would say it instead validates them. Competition is a pretty good indicator of potential for profit. Anyway, it’s not like any single company was going to run every single municipal wireless network that got built in the entire country. Well, at least not without many rounds of M&A activity.

  5. I beg to differ. AT&T has a long history of partnering with “new comers” in new areas they consider a threat to their core business, only to “squeeze them” out of existence at later date. Who can forget AtHome?

  6. Some bias here as MetroFi is a customer of mine, however I need to take exception to the “MetroFi has been viewed as a laggard in the space” comment… um, By whom exactly?

    Let’s see… they have basically pioneered the Ad-supported Free service tier model in the MuniFi space (yes, I know Google probably started it with their original SF chatter, but MetroFi put it in play before anybody else).

    They have arguably the largest operating WiFi mesh network in existance — located in the valley, the only comparable in size is Tempe which is a disaster by comparison and MobilePro is running away from their awards.

    They service 10’s of thousands of users on the network successfully and with a good (and getting better) user experience.

    They have been winning most competitive situations they enter.

    They have attracted Tier-1 venture capital money, while no other pure-play in the game has either had to or been successful at it. (ie – there is confidence in their ability to turn a profit and succeed).

    They have now attracted and partnered with the largest communications provider in the land.

    Yup… sounds really “laggard-like” to me…

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