4 thoughts on “Microsoft cutting back Mac Support?”

  1. Hi Om,

    I have a Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse as well, but have no problems using it (without installing the Microsoft software… which doesn’t work anyway).

    You should still be able to pair the mouse to the machine without installing anything extra.

  2. FWIW, I used to work for Microsoft in the MacBU.

    The MS hardware group is in the ‘Home and Retail Divsion” along with the MacBU, but that doesn’t imply close cooperation. The Mac drivers for the keyboards, mice, etc. are written by the Hardware group without a great deal of consultation from the MacBU. In fact, those of us in the MacBU rarely got access to new mouse drivers before they were released to the general public.

    I don’t have direct knowledge of what’s going on here, but I suspect it has little to do with ‘le Affaire iPod’. It doesn’t take a Double Secret Directive from the Microsoft Supreme Council to screw up Mac support outside the MacBU.

    All it takes is some short-sighted cost-cutting by the all-too-common type of manager at Microsoft who thinks of the potential profits from the Mac market as being beneath their notice. (I’ve heard the phrase “a small rounding error” used in that regard.)

    Alternatively, it could be as simple as the Hardware group losing a few Mac-savvy programmers through attrition.

    Either way, no major problem — there are, after all, better peripheral manufacturers.

  3. I lost my cd driver of my Digitalmedia Pro Keyboard, and
    I downloaded it.

    Some time after that I installed again (dont ask me why pls) my system panther and updated to 10.3.9, reinstall the downloaded driver (IntellyType 5.1) Surprise!!!!!
    Like many other, the driver Does not work with my mac!!! What can I do?

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