11 thoughts on “Consumer Windows Vista Delayed”

  1. Steve Jobs is going to have a field day with this at Mac World Expo January ’07 when at that time Apple will probably be ready to announced Mac OS X 10.5

  2. i am not sure what steve jobs is going to do, but this is time for microsoft to get focused. i don’t think this is an easy one to spin. i mean a week ago, all is fine, and then suddenly everything is delayed because the retailers don’t want them to release anything in the middle of the holiday season. ha

  3. This isn’t out of the ordinary for MSFT or Vista, in general. My guess says they found some last minute blocking bugs they wanted to catch in time without suffering a PR nightmare upon release (which may happen anyway).

  4. By contrast, the Windows group has always valued engineering prowess over management oversight.

    Does anyone have a definition of engineering prowess handy by chance?

  5. Well, according to Mini-Microsoft, there is too much ‘Management Oversight’ and very little value for ‘Engineering Prowess’ at the Windows group! 😀

  6. This isn’t a Microsoft problem, its an Intel problem. I find it hard to belive that they wouldn’t just work their engineers overtime for the next six months to make up the 4 or 5 week delay. They have had six years to work on this thing, and they need another month?? Nah. I bet Intels 64 bit chip will be delayed from Q306 to Q107, and Microsft is doing them a favor given they have been bleeding market share to AMD. (remeber MS dropped AMD at the last minute for xbox chips, so i think its safe to say there is some bad blood there… so why not piss them off again.)

  7. Bullmkt: It may be a bit of a problem for Intel, but it’s certainly not a problem cause by Intel. Vista will run on current hardware as well as future, 64-bit hardware, as far as I know, and besides, there are plenty of 64-bit AMD chips already out there. This delay is a software problem.

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