15 thoughts on “Microsoft: I speak Web 2.0”

  1. OK. What does Windows Live sound to you ? To me, coming from the world of OS and RTOS, I first thought Microsoft Live.com to be an enhanced version of BOOTP or something innovative. But when I saw their website, I felt they are just trying to compete Google without any substance. It will not work. You need different brains with different attitude to rule the web. Anyway, good luck MS.

  2. Khabri: Look @ screenshots from flickr (especially techcrunch’s) – Live.com as it looks right now probably has no significance in the kind of things MS is going to be deploying with ‘live’ platform.

  3. Live.com has it’s firefox ! it’s called netvibes.com. Better interface, faster and they relay on other web 2.0 applications to build a similar service.

    you guy’s should check !

  4. Thanks mansour…. I just checked netvibes.. looks great.. I need to play around with it more… but my first impression is WOW

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