7 thoughts on “Microsoft IPTV: Try, try and try again”

  1. I think they started working on IPTV too early. The infrastructure is not there for vast implementation of it.

  2. Microsoft should stay in the Office where uniformity is the norm, and not sully our homes!!! (correction)

  3. I am as anxious as the next person, I’d love to ditch DirectTV and Comcast who rape me for hundreds each month. Microsoft sounds like it has an excellent alternative.

  4. Try?

    there is nothing more to try, MS IPTV protype derivations are already in place with u-verse and embed digital managed TV software (MS Enhanced) already runs in various third party developed top boxes around the world, like with Mexico Cablevision that got a entire digital managed tv system based on MS enhanced Tv for over a year.

    Let´s see what you say at the end of the year when the new topbox, the media center version of vista. the new updates to media extenders in xp and the other vista distribution, WHS add in and xbox360 IPTV launches.. i doubt that would be a limited start for such a big intiative…

  5. The problem with all Microsoft’s media products (Zune included) is that Microsoft start with the DRM, spend what seems like 90% of their time and effort on the DRM, and only then try and make it usable and useful to end users (and of course fail).

    Regrettably at the moment we are stuck with having some DRM foisted on us (even though DRM is only ever going to inconvenience legal customers not pirates), but Microsoft have gone way too far and made their products practically unusable.

    For example, the only official way to get any pay TV in to Media Center in the whole of Europe requires you to use ye olde analogue tv connection. This at a time when people are not merely moving to digital TV but increasingly to 1080p screens.

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