12 thoughts on “Review: Microsoft Mobile Memory Mouse 8000”

  1. Om – was this a loaner review mouse you were sent? Were you able to buy it in advance somehow? Seems like an important part of the review process that’s missing: how/where did you get the mouse and what is the exchange for writing the review?

    It’s funny reading that it was more friendly installing on a Mac than on Vista. Poor ol’ Vista. It’s starting to get the Windows ME treatment.

  2. Creative was the first to come out with a wireless mouse that recharges through USB.

    Problem with it was that the rechargable battery only lasted a couple of days. Also, there is no driver for it, so I can’t make the rollerwheel perform double-clicks.

  3. Hi Om,
    Not sure I want to buy Microsoft’s non-software products..here is my story..
    By mistake I purchased Microsoft’s webcam. It forced me to install Windows XP though I was happy with my Windows 2000 (It didn’t allow my son to load latest computer games :-). It further required new patches to be downloaded. At the end of wasting hours and spending extra bucks to purchase Windows XP, I managed to use the webcam.

    It is surprising that MS h/w products don’t even support not-so older versions of their own OS.

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