9 thoughts on “Microsoft Mobile vs. Android: Hostilities to Start Afresh May 11th”

  1. We keep hearing about how great Android is and how wonderful it is going to be, but really, what has Android done for us lately? G1? Everyone seems to be talking about it but very few seem to be actually using it. And new products do not seem to be coming out until the second half of this year (at best). I am one of those crazy people that thinks the Palm Pre could actually be more successful in a shorter amount of time.

    1. Android is growing, and taking market share from Windows Mobile, android have just in months more apps than Windows mobile, a sencond wave of devices and software is coming soon.

      yes, palm pre will have a better user interface and features than the G1 but this is not about the G1 is about the endless oportunities that an open source mobile os offer and how that make more affordable the software and hardware to the final customer

  2. Let the SmartphoneOS war begin!! personally..I’d prefer Android more ( just because of the reviews etc.), but the truth is I haven’t used either extensively.

  3. Windows Mobile is much more than Android. Google has the best marketing department ever: they can make us talk about what they would do instead of what they are actually delivering.

  4. Pipaman,

    Windows Mobile has to do two things 1) Sell it to consumers (then only operators will promote it to non-enterprise users) and 2) Create a platform that scales from $100 – $500 price range (to operators) while maintaining performance.

    It is not that Android is hurting Microsoft, it is Microsoft hurting Microsoft (they still have not gone away from mentality of more hardware is better).

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