7 thoughts on “Microsoft Search: New Name, Still Lame”

  1. I’d actually be interested to see some kind of evidence to back that statement up. You may be right, it’s just in my own usage of both services I’ve found Live search to be just about equal with Google’s results now – and would say it passed Yahoo long ago.

    Hmm, if that’s too generous than I would put Google at 95% accuracy, Live at 85% and Yahoo at 70%.

  2. This is part of a bigger problem at Microsoft. The company that pioneered technology branding (Windows, Office) has completely lost its way with Web and online branding. Other than XBox Live, I can’t think of a strong Microsoft brand in the online world…

  3. The problem is that there’s no market appetite for evolutionary improvements in an existing brand. That’s the reason that companies like Black & Decker had to come up w/ premium brands to market their products to professional carpenters, electricians, etc. The reality is that Live.com has 99% IDENTICAL results with Google.com. It’s made vast improvements in the last 2 years. However, the perception of Om is based on historical preferences. If MS wants to capture more eyeballs, they have to build a new brand and link to existing successful brands

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