8 thoughts on “Microsoft: Most Lost Sidekick Data Almost Restored”

  1. Good grief! After reading that Apple insider article, it’s proving all my cynicism about Microsoft to actually be fact, all my snark turns out to be reality.

    What success oriented business person/entity would EVER trust their business to Microsoft for not just mobile but anything ( IT, enterprise software, hardware, etc. ) after reading that?

    If you own Microsoft stock – sell it. If you own a Windows Mobile phone ( or worse are beta testing Azure ) go turn it in at your carrier’s retail store.

      1. Bunch of rumors? I suppose, if you just ignore Microsoft’s track record for the past 25 years. Apple has risen from the ashes and done it right in less than 10. Microsoft is NEVER going to get it.

  2. Good greaf! After reading that Apple Insider article, it’s proving my cynicism about “reporting” in the digital age. All my snark turns out to be reality.

    What discerning, fact-oriented reader could look at the AppleInsider “article” and not notice that it is based entirely on guesswork and “anonymous” sources? Heck, even the “source” is saying things like “I wouldn’t be surprised if…” and then going on to construct detailed hypotheticals which are then re-“reported” on places like GigaOM as if they were fact.

    Seriously, Om — how can you read that article and then claim it “reveals” anything?

    1. I am sorry, but if you are going to resort to name calling, please back-up your arguments and give a coherent reasoning. I am guessing you don’t think AppleInsider is worth quoting, but not sure why you think they are wrong on this point.

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