3 thoughts on “Microsoft’s VoIP Attack”

  1. The only thing that has any traction here is argument that no one ever got fired for buying… I did some napkin pricing analysis and for an office of 10 people, LCS 2005 will lighten your wallet (including Server and SQL licenses btw you need CAL for each person using LCS) in the neighbourhood of $6958.00 USD, for basic IM and presence functions. Add a SIP stack, Video resource, Sharepointe licenses, the Add-in for AOL, YIM etc.. this rather ho-hum solution will easily scale into the 20K mark or 2K per seat for a 10 person office. When combinations of solutions can be found on the web such as Skype, Pulver Communicator, Innen, Jabber etc. plus a clever web programmer and you can have a more robust solution for 1/10 the cost. It would appear to me all but the technically illiterate would think twice before deploying a solution such as this. Watch a developer’s hair stand up when you say “can you integrate this with Active Directory” …

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