3 thoughts on “Microsoft’s CE End Game? Not Really”

  1. I thought Microsoft was doomed in the living room as well with its Media Center strategy. But don’t forget Microsoft TV:

    Foundation TV 1.7 is found its way into Comcast/Motorola’s very capable 6412 device in the Seattle market. And Microsoft not only uncharacteristically refrained from naming it “Windows” it also does not appear to be another attempt by Microsoft to slam Windows into something that it is ill-equipped to support.

  2. Whenever I see the term DRM, my mind ques up the Eagles’ Hotel California.

    To my way of thinking, DRM == digital roach motel, or as the Eagles’ sign, “we can check out, but you can’t ever leave.”

    I think DRM will fail because its such an affront to users. I fail to find a system that treats me as an insect caught in a Black Widow’s web, attractive. ymmv.

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