4 thoughts on “Microtune launches Mobile TV chip”

  1. Finally an idea worse than MediaFlo. Why competition is heating up in a business that will never materialize is beyond me. If I were a Crown Castle or Qualcomm shareholder I’d be wondering why they couldn’t just give me a dividend instead of investing in this crap.

  2. i am not sure …. i think this is still a better way to do things than just cram videos down the cellphone pipes. its like a choice between bad and worse ideas

  3. MediaFlo is a sperate network too, Om. Qualcomm is going to use the nationwide 700 MHz license they have (if the analog broadcasters ever give it up). Qualcomm uses OFDM at 700 MHz, this one will use VSBM at 1600 MHz. It’s going to cost Qualcomm a hell of a lot less money to build their network than it will Crown Castle. This is why MobileTV is a worse idea than MediaFlo. But, they are both terrible wastes of money.

  4. Jesse,

    i actually was referring to both different versions of the mobile tv networks. i think in the end it is going to boil down to the fact: do consumers want tv type content on their phone. my gut feeling is not, but market has always proved me wrong, so i am going to withold judgement on that one

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