4 thoughts on “Mirra for Mac?”

  1. I contacted them about Mirra working with Linux but they didn’t really appear ready to seriously interested in considering Linux users. Even though it works on Linux.

    “Thanks for your interest in the Mirra Personal Server. The Mirra currently only works with the .NET features of Windows 2000 and XP. We are actively exploring solutions for other operating systems, particularly Mac OSX. We will keep you informed with any updates.
    The Mirra is the first in the category of personal server, and we have been actively striving to improve our product since its inception. For example, next week we are launching a software upgrade which will allow users to remotely upload files back to their PC at home, among other new features.
    The Mirra itself runs on Linux OS…”

    Heidi Madden
    Mirra Sales Team

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