3 thoughts on “Mirra’s stuffed with cash”

  1. well, having read several reviews of the mira product, and based on the fact that it is a completely commodotized solution (molex case and power supply, via mb, linux with samba) i don’t understand your admiration for the product.

    their software seems lacking, not allowing basic functionality like NAS and file sharing, and relying completely on their client.


    review at the link above.

    perhaps cisco should buy the company that creates the NAS devices OEM’d by tritton technologies and IOGEAR…as they both have their faults, but ultimately allow the user to have a cheap, network enabled file storage device that allows NAS and simple file sharing.

    or, urge linksys to create competitive devices, as dlink has done.

    linksys NAS devices today are above the 400 price line, while the tritton NAS or IOGEAR Boss can both be had for less.

    i use my 120 gig tritton NAS with acronis trueimage, a norton ghost like solution that is way easier to use, can run in a live windows partition, and allows users to easily create images of all of their machines on their home network, (with incremental backups) and easily recover and restore those machines.

    this solution costs less than 300 (for 120 gig of storage, drives can be easily swapped up larger), and allows me to also have true NAS, and a dedicated FTP server.

    this is way handier than the Mira, costs significantly less.

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