10 thoughts on “Missing Muxtape? Try 8Tracks. It's Better”

  1. Another great music service I came across recently is soundcloud.com. Although it was more geared for professionals, there was some fantastic music there.

  2. It’s so dangerous to be an innovator in the music industry these days. Everybody is getting buried by the damned greedy RIAA. Getting a little tiring seeing all this internet creativity being quashed because a dying industry wants to leech as much money out of the internet as possible.

  3. RIAA will take this 8Tracks down as well. Muxtape atleast was protecting the artists by encrypting the songs and providing an Amazon link for the song. I heard so many songs which I would never heard through the local radios here. It is sad the big greedy guys are taking the favorite properties in the web such as Muxtape, Scrabulous and so on. RIAA would rather see us pay $20 for the CD.

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