8 thoughts on “Mobile and the rise of the smart buyer”

    1. You Swedes are lucky to use ‘Shopgun’ but the americans don’t have prisjakt.nu None similar websites stand close to prisjakt but the day they get their version of prisjakt.nu, every store has to take this ‘shopgun’ very very seriously.

  1. There are several other reasons (besides saving money) for buying from Amazon. You don’t have to drive anywhere, you don’t have to worry that a physical store will be out of stock on the item you want, and Amazon has a far larger selection than a physical store can contain within its walls.

    1. And a fourth reason: Amazon gives you user feedback on the items you’re interested in. Put all those attractions together and you’ve got a powerful incentive for buying online.

  2. SoLoMo, M-Commerce and Digital Signals

    Om, agree with your observations. In fact, SoLoMo (Social + Location + Mobile) is having an enormous impact across the entire value chain – for example, on a given day more than half of Twitter users share opinions about a product or brand; companies like Retailigence are making prices and product availability transparent; with AisleBuyer, consumers can pay w/ their mobile device and bypass the checkout; and many other examples. These and related developments are discussed in our recent report for GigaOm Pro “How SoLoMo is Empowering Consumers, Transforming Shopping and Disrupting Advertising and Retailing” (overview at http://bit.ly/qOhnft).

    Finally, it’s not just “smart buyers” but also “smart companies” capitalizing on these capabilities – examples and discussion in “Tuning into Consumers’ Digital Signals” (overview, download at http://bit.ly/vFhYHd).

    Dr. Phil Hendrix, immr and GigaOm Pro analyst

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