4 thoughts on “Mobile Data Boom?”

  1. This looks like the usual tipsy extrapolations. I can’t work out your point of view. Are these numbers logical or space cadet territory. I tend to look at them and ask “How could they be wrong?” I’m inclined to think this part of the future is not very well thought out.

    Then there are other issues. At Real I can now get a song track for .50 that’s cheaper than the $1 for most ring tones.

    Where they are wrong are the big opportunities.

  2. good point stuart. i see these numbers and look at the logic behind them – it is at least not a hockey stick chart. i am bit mixed on this data. but given strategy analytics track record, i am going to give them the benefit of the doubt, and not fly of the handle … yet. i clearly think that ringtones are a much simpler and easier market to cash in on for record companies. i think that is a big market. unfortunately real did not think in those terms and missed the opportunity. actually so did microsoft, apple and everyone else in the US. ringtones is a Euro Asian phenom.

  3. I wonder how much if any of the forecast built in the China story? See ChinaPrivateEquity for a note post on the fallout from falling SMS revenues in China.

    I also read in the print version of Wired Magazine recently a short piece on the previously forecasted trends for online users, online shopping and the like. Key point: the forecasts were mostly trending as predicted but with a lag or a year or so.

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