5 thoughts on “Mobile Phone Sales to Decline Over Next 5 Years”

  1. Are you saying that sales are going to decline, or just their forecasts? The fact that they adjusted their forecasts by 1.04 billion doesn’t indicate sales are declining by 1.04 billion devices…they may have had unrealistic forecasts or changed the factors that led to the forecast.

    Also, with something as fast-changing as mobile devices, I question how accurate you can really get on a 5-year timeline. One new device or certain new or innovative features could quickly change the game.

  2. The mobile phone market is declining.That’s not a good news at all.
    Albeit,Big companies like Nokia,HTC,Apple etc. will now be offering some attractive offers or may the reduce the mobile phone price.
    As far as i think !

  3. growth will go down us and Europe there is huge room of growth in asia …india and china ….350 million more connection next two years estimated here

  4. Could a decline in phone sales be attributed to the fact that the phone market is moving it’s emphasis from hardware to software? Already we are seeing companies like Apple releasing new version of their OS that re-invents how a phone is used, without any sort of additional upgrade. The jump from OS 1.0 to 2.0 was so drastic, yet it basically cost users nothing. iPhone is already at it’s third generation, and first generation users can still get by completely fine with their phones.

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