4 thoughts on “Monet Mobile and cautionary tale of EV-DO”

  1. Monet means nothing for Verizon.

    Monet CEO, George T., was a liar. He misrepresented the technology and the network. Monet deserved to be shutdown by the investors, because if you can’t trust the MGT, its game over.

    EV-DO is a Kludge, and thats being kind. Instead of being CDMA, its really CDSA, meaning it only serves one subscriber at a time. Thats how it gets its high speed. George was particularly guilt of promoting uses that required a high speed “reverse” link which EV-DO doesn’t have.

    What’s really funny is how the CDMA crowd uses TDMA techniques to achieve the EV-DV standard.

    But perhaps more telling is that, every “greenfield CDMA” carrier in America has either gone bankrupt or had to endure a material capital restructuring at least once.

  2. I used Monet’s service from December 2002 until the closure of service in Duluth in mid-March 2004. Living in an area lacking both cable and standard DSL, Monet’s shutdown was a big loss. You can malign them all you want, but having up to 100 kb/s download speeds and the ability to access internet radio, video, and download large files for $40/month was a lot better than having 3 kb/s downloads as I do now.

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