4 thoughts on “More action, Less Talk Talk”

  1. Om,
    I think this is the outcome of wrong “free” strategy of Carphone warehouse to become the next “leading” broadband service provider in UK market where NTL, BT and Sky were already ruling with competitive price and service.

    UK market will witness value added service in coming days with Vodafone’s new Broadband service, Orange through wanadoo, Virgin (after Telewest-NTL-Virgin Mobile merger) and many others.

  2. I think this is good news for the broadband market of the UK (which now I’m here in SF I can see is still a lot more healthy than it is here — $100 pm for an 8MB download line?)

    Other ISP’s were having to downgrade the quality of their products in order to try to reduce their monthly price point to compete with TalkTalk’s “free” proposition. That left customers like myself (who were prepared to pay a premium price for a decent the service) with poorer service then we wanted. We were told “we’re going to force you to pay less per month, but you’ll get less too — like capped useage etc”.

    I partly agree that value added business models are the way forward – but I’m not convinced bundling them in with conceptually similar, but physically unconnected, services like cellular telephone plans is ultimately in the customer’s best choice.

    Orange might be the best mobile plan for me, but it may not be the best broadband plan for me, and vice versa. Far better to tie the platform in with services like IPTV, P2P offerings, downloads, etc to create a differentiator.


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