3 thoughts on “More Dirt on Project LightSpeed Losers”

  1. OM, your MISSING the POINT here where Verizon and SBC in a all out FOOT RACE to the finish line with “”””Level3”’ the MIDDLE man of the future HERE TODAY!!!
    VZ and SBC will BOTH give Level3 ”’real Checks” for REAL CAPACITY to try and beat the cables to the customers!!!! this is NOW a “””SPRINT”” since FON will be eaten by VZ for the celluar and other customers of FON.

    Level3 to become the ””CLEAR WINNER”” when you can RENT cheaper than you can dig up streets!


  2. Funny how certain Congressmen were so against using “French” GSM is Iraq, but nobody cares that a French company, Alcatel, is making huge wins in the US at the expense of US competitors . . . I guess nobody will be calling it Freedom Fiber.

  3. Om,

    The large US based players… Cisco, Jnpr, LU, and even Nortel (Can.) need to add the triple play story to their portfolios in order to better position themselves for the FTTH horserace.

    Adding MWare/STBs/Granular Ethernet services/hardened field switches/ passive and active options/OSS&BSS/SoftSwitches/Etc will allow them to weave a compelling End to End story.

    Alcatel, although just barely, has put together a plausible story.


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