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  1. Yeah it has been havin problems all day but what ever is wrong it is aparently gettin better cause now when you search for people and you click on their profile you can actually view it now, and some of the people I know are becomming able to login, though I nor my sister has.

  2. I was VERY upset this morning when I discovered my account was showing it was deleted! With no rhyme or reason whatsoever. And as of this afternoon I still could not access my page – or anyone else’s for that matter.

  3. I suspect Matt is correct here. The rumors is that the InterNAP data center in LA held their authentication database (usernames and account info). They may be trying to distribute that database to multiple locations, and keep it in sync across WAN distances. As Barbie might say, “coding WAN applications is hard, lets go shopping”. As far as “switching data centers” – come on, Om. If they were really switching data centers, they would just copy one disk array to another, at Fiber Channel speeds, then drive it the 10 minutes to Equinix LA, power it up, and go.

    These are just growing pains. MySpace has done some good things to help manage them, like get CDN’s and carrier neutral colocation. Not enough, evidently.

  4. “Frankly, it is a big surprise that the service hasn’t had a hiccup before”

    Huh? MySpace hicups all the time. I don’t visit often, but it seems like half the time, I get transient errors when I click to a profile or a group, or something. About a quarter of the time I get repeated errors about a multiple profiles, groups, or even entire features being off-line for service for some substantial amount of time. What’s worse, their error pages tend to be redirects that remove all trace of whatever I was originally trying to get to.

    It is suprising that it hasn’t gone down completely before.

  5. I’d just like to let everyone reading this know that if you were getting a password error like I was, it’s possible your password was truncated to 10 characters. Mine was 12 characters, and the last 2, (since the outage this morning) mysteriously disappeared. Try it, it takes 2 seconds.


  6. This reminds me of SixApart outage late last year. I think MySpace may have hit the point where the design of the system is no longer stable enough and even small interruptions or errors create massive problems.

    Simply adding hardware and second data centres will do little to fix the underlying problem. In fact, this is likely to exacerbate the problem not fix it.

    Something else to consider is that MySpace’s capital expenditure is going to shoot up. I wouldn’t be surprise if capital expenditure grows faster than their revenue growth.

  7. Well I do not use myspace more but I found similar problem in Orkut which is Google’s networking site. and the problem is there for more than 2 months, now growing day by day. What this people are doinG?

  8. I have ~7 Myspace accounts – most are to help promote my main website (www.PaulLynde.info). One account (www.Myspace.com/paullynde2) has not been able to leave comments for four days, now. Get this, I cannot leave comments on profiles, nor can I add comments to blogs (that I otherwise should be able to, since they are on my friends list, and the blog entry allows comments.) BUT, I can REPLY to any comments left on the blog.


    1) I cannot go to my friends page & leave a comment – the the message “Error: daily useage has been exceeded.”
    2) If that friend posts a blog (which allows comments), I cannot post a comment to the blog. I get the message “#GetResourceText(‘#ResourceFile#’,’ErrorExceedingUsage’,’#CountryCookieData#’)# ” which appears to be telling me the same thing – daily usage exceeded.
    3) BUT, if someone posts a comment to that blog, I CAN post a REPLY TO THEIR COMMENT.

    I have checked FOUR of my other Myspace accounts & they can leave comments normally. So this is ONLY happening to one account. I have ~8000 friends on that account & posted a bulletin asking if others have been having similar problems & I’ve heard from ~6 others that they are. (I then posted a bulletin indicating I needed no more emails, since I didn’t want to receive thousands more.)

    So things are still pretty screwed up in Myspaceland. At least for some of us.


  10. Well, I rode out the “power outage” (played pac-man)on the 27th of July had a day when myspace started working on some aspects but not all.

    I have not been able to log in at all since the 28th, last Friday–other people I have talked to are not having that problem but some are. So guys that are complaining about it being down 12 hours–I’m going on day 6 of not being able to log in. I think it is offical we need to find a new peer to peer network that works, at least most of time.

  11. My images have all disappeared on my profile and anyone’s I try to access. Has anyone else had this problem? How do I fix it? The image shows up as a box with a red “x”. Help!!!

  12. i can’t add friends on myspace because it jst days #GetResourceText( ResourceFile, “MailMaintenance”, CountryCookieData)# 8/8/2006

  13. What in God’s name are people doing with so many accounts?! No wonder MySpace doesn’t work the other half of the time…it’s too big a network and has to maintain all that crap! There is NO need what-so-ever for someone to have more than 2-3 accounts at the most, and if they have a band or a business, that would definately come in handy. But seriously people, are THAT many accounts really necessary? There are millions of people out there using this site, so can you not ruin it for everyone?

  14. Whenever I try to access my messages or add friends, I just get the message

    GetResourceText( ResourceFile, “MailMaintenance”, CountryCookieData)# 8/9/2006

    What is this? Is it fixable? Will it just clear up in a day or two? Somebody please tell me somthing!!!!

  15. I am having the exact same problems as taavon. I get the same message when trying to open my myspace mailbox. WHAT ON EARTH DOES THIS MEAN.

    GetResourceText( ResourceFile, “MailMaintenance”, CountryCookieData)# 8/10/2006


    Everyone is saying what myspace is and what myspace isn’t. All I can say is this, I have only been a member for a week and a half and I have had pictures deleted, profile reset to default, numerous inconsistant errors, and now I cant access my mailbox…

    All in a week.. Can someone please help me with this new error i am experiancing with my mailbox…


  16. Well, I just got my MySpace page a couple of hours ago, and after finishing my profile Layout, MySpace has been giving me nothing but error messages. I wouldn’t have a MySpace account for a long time because I’d heard the place was buggy. Now I see I should have stayed away. It ain’t worth the hassle.

  17. I am new to myspace and it hasn’t been much fun. I have 5 friends on my friend lists and have added comments to most of their pages, but since yesterday it gives me the error below.

    Error: You must be someone’s friend to make comments about them.

    When I finally got to “edit friends” (after about 8 attempts with an “unexpected error message,” it shows I have no friends, yet shows their icons on my home page under friends and shows my icon on their friend page.

    It doesn’t matter what I try to do, I am getting repeated “unexpected error” messages. When I try to log on, it gives an error message, but then if I click on home I am actually logged on and can go to my home page, most of the time.

    Anyway, this is supposed to be fun, but is turning out to be a lot of trouble! Egads. If anyone knows what in the heck is going on and whether this is just a temporary glitch or not, it’d be great to know.

  18. Since I set up my account I can not send or reply to messages. Does anyone know what I might do to fix please email me. I have sent four emails to myspace and I have received no response. For all I know they dont exist. Please help! I have looked at all the account settings and can not find one that will fix my problem. Thanks for all of your help!

  19. I have a band profile with thousands of fans. The past week I cannot view my incoming or sent messages. Nothing shows up. For the past 3 months, I haven’t been able to send messages, the recipient never receives them. I’ve wrote customer service numerous times and it seems all they do is send a generic response back. The same response each time. I even wrote in the mail “PLEASE DONT SEND THE GENERIC RESPONSE WHERE YOU TELL ME STEP BY STEP HOW TO SEND A MESSAGE, THIS IS MORE COMPLICATED THAN THAT”. And of course, the generic response returns to me. So I’m thinking I’m going to have to just start a new account and hope that they don’t fuck that one up too.

  20. Hey, not having as many problems as other people on here, but basically I was on myspace the other day (surprising?…I think not!) Anywho, I clicked on a bulletin by accident and it said something like ‘ Your account will be deleted unless you re post this bulletin ‘ – I thought it was a gag/joke…so I just forgot about it…and checked today and it said it has…so yes, unlucky for me…but can it be solved…or do I have to start from the beggining? XXX Hope some of peoples problems on here have been solved!!

  21. I cannot send messages, reply to messages, or reply to bulletins!!…I’ve tried numerous times to contact “Tom” and I’ve also send tons of emails to MYSPACE Help…

    Can anyone tell me what is going on and how I can fix this ASAP?!…please?!

  22. Well,
    After noticing that the messages i was sending out were not being read, I assumed they were being held up, or “clogged” up somewhere in internet space due to neglagence on Myspace’s behalf, but that was until I discovered the usage limits. I gues each command has its own limit sent messages 300 per day, friend request 360 per day, sent comments 500 per day, and so on. Now that I know why my account seems “frozen” (I exceeded my limit for the day)
    I need to know 2 other things — 1 when does it reset ? Meaning: Does it start counting down 24 hours from the second i sent that 300th message ?, and 2 is it possible for me to check my usage, and or reset it ?

    Please e-mail any feedback to evidenceroom@msn.com

  23. Im still unable to write or reply to messages/bulletins.

    I know its happening to alot of people but has it happened to someone before and then started working again? If so, how long was it not working for?? Its been over a month now and its gettin ridiculous.

    If it starts working for someone let me know so i know to check mine. Checkin if it works everyday seems pointless.

  24. Hey,

    I have not been able to send any messages to anyone for the last 4 months…basically since I opened the account. I have 8000 friends and all I can do is comment…I can read their messages but when I respond it states that the message was sent but no message is ever sent.
    Also if I leave a comment and the user has the “Approve Comments before posting ” set to on…my comment will never show so that my friends get a chance to decide to post it. I think because it uses the messaging system which does not work on my account.

    Anyone have some sort of a solution short of opening another account please email me at Adrianvbarrera@gmail.com or a phone contact to myspace.

    Take Care

  25. I’m having the same problem. None of my friends receive my messages or comment approval requests. Has anyone had this resolved for them yet? Everytime I email customer service, all I get in return is an automated response.

  26. My messages aren’t being sent. They just sit there unread in my send folder.
    Will it ever work again or do I have to startover?

  27. Like many of you, when I reply to a message or write a new message, it appears to go through but in actuality, gets sent to nowhere land. My friends aren’t getting the messages and I’m not getting any ‘read’ comments in my message center.

    I can, however, add comments including blog and picture comments. But that’s it.

    Have any of you found a cause or solution or even heard back from MySpace Help?

  28. it’s simple… nor firefox, safari but only IE can work properly. try to use IE browser, no errors. I dont know whats the solution for Mac users, damn it.

  29. This is the secound time myspace has messed up on me, I cannot send or reply to any messages 2nd time!. Ok.. here is my thoughts either the server thinks you are spamming and it stops you’re mail from being sent or you’re profile has been phished (in away hacked) and a incription messed it up and it’s just one of those weird things that myspace cant fix. thats why we don’t get a reply.

    Don’t bother making a new accound I did and its happend again.

    A tip as much as I like myspace use Facebook better built servers.

  30. Having troubles loggin into my account on myspace!!!! I changed my email address and now cant log back in…Myspace customer service isnt helping at all or responding…How can i get into my account?


  31. same thing with me. i try to send, it says sent but never sends it. i tried sending to myself and the same thing is happening? I dont understand why these bugs arent being fixed. i mean, there is no way to get the friends back unless you do it manually if you open up another account so that would be a real pain in the butt. There has to be some way to get around this. any suggestions? too bad myspace isnt bought by google, at least then, google would fix it and make it work perfectly.

  32. I just recently made a new account, because my old one was not letting me send messages, or leave comments on approval-required pages.

    Now, it says I’ve exceeded my daily usage, for the past 3 days. I can’t even add anyone.

    If you have any ideas, reasonsrundry@gmail.com PLEASE.

  33. I had this myspace page printed on flyers, business cards, my CD. And everywhere else imaginable. I am a band and cannot afford to change my page. I’ve tried to contact MySpace to no avail, I havent exceded my limit the most messages I send in one day is about 50. I dont know wtf is up with myspace but I have clicked and purchased from their ads so I want answers. TOM wake the fuck up!!!

  34. help i cant comment people without comment boxes or send messages/reply to bulleteins/comment people who have it marked as “approve comments”… which most of my friends do so therefore I’m losing touch with some friends who 🙁
    this happened to my old account so i made a new one but it doesn’t have all ym friends and its taken me a while to get it back to what it was before.
    If someone can PLEASE PLEASE help me!!!

  35. Well let me tell ya, I have been with myspace for 1 fuckin month and am new there. I got phished just yesterday and for some reason myspace decides to block my e-mail, as a result I cannot send/reply messages to friends. I cant veiw friends requests or pending requests. However, I can read messages to me, I can add friends, and add favorites. I can post Bulletins. I am told to change my password, because somebody accessed it.

    What I dont understand myspace tells me that there is a person pretending to be me who can login as me, have access to all my mail sent and recieved messages from friends, pictures and can edit my profile and leave bulletins, and myspace just lets him go all over the profile as he pleases. And they blame me and block my e-mail. And tell me to change my password, now that doesnt make any fuckin sense.

    To get any help from myspace is ridiculous, I have been trying to find out why the fuck I cant change my password, whenever I am ready I press Unlock Email- it doesnt work, instead, I am constantly getting an error message from them.

    Who the fuck am I supposed to ask, and there is no place to go for help there. They have no e-mail for help either. And that Tom guy is fuckin useless! I am new here, I cant get my password changed, there is nobody on that site to get help or to talk to. So why the fuck am I getting an Error Message? I am new here, so what the fuck, am I supposed to fuckin do?

    Pissed In West Va.

  36. same problem: cant post comments or send mails.. i need help…changed password and tried everything to make it work again..but no results..
    please help me..

    i dont seem to be the only one with this problem.. makes me kind of happy..

  37. MySpace has disabled their contact page so that no one can report any more errors, and my profile is stuck on the… “You have exceeded your daily usage”!!!!! for the third day in a row. I susspect they cut off access to their sit so they can delete all of the fake profiles sending innocent kids to porn sites. I hope MySpace finds a way to better protect their site through adding new script features, then they wouldn’t have to spy on everyone all of the time and treat us all like criminals.

  38. Cannot leave comments or send mail, but only to certain friends on my list. Changed password and sent several inquiries to Myspace Help, with no available help offered.

    Any suggestions?

  39. well
    i have yried to login to my myspace!,but i would not let my.. it would say that i have to put a verifacation code inn and that doesnt even workk!!!!
    i have tryed sos many times that it said that was gunna lokk this acccount for 15 minutes!!
    now that sukks!

  40. I have been trying to login to myspace and all I get is this server error message below…. (so I can’t even login to get to the contact buttons to report this to MYSPACE…does anybody know what to do?:

    Server Error in ‘/’ Application.

    Runtime Error

    Description: An application error occurred on the server. The current custom error settings for this application prevent the details of the application error from being viewed remotely (for security reasons). It could, however, be viewed by browsers running on the local server machine.

    Details: To enable the details of this specific error message to be viewable on remote machines, please create a tag within a “web.config” configuration file located in the root directory of the current web application. This tag should then have its “mode” attribute set to “Off”.

    Notes: The current error page you are seeing can be replaced by a custom error page by modifying the “defaultRedirect” attribute of the application’s configuration tag to point to a custom error page URL.

  41. I have been phished, so i went to change my password like im supposed to. But i cant even get into my account settings, or even my edit profile. I cant comment, send messages, or anything! What am i supposed to do? Does anyone know how to fix this? Please e-mail me at lonely_graveyard@yahoo.com

  42. hi lately i havent been able to reply my comments and messages. it keeps saying page not found. i also havent been able to look at any of my friends except for the first page. how will i be able to do what i want on my page?

  43. Hi.

    For the last week I’v been getting emails to my hotmail account that I have tons of messages, comments and friend requests on Myspace – but I can’t read any of them. When I try to it says I have zero to read.
    What’s going on – will someone please help me?

  44. Hi, i have been told my privelidges have been suspended, i have filled out the copyright form about 20 times literally and emailed tom, customer service AND myspace help, again about 20 times, still ive had no reply!! is anyone actually there?!!!!! can someone help!

  45. I have for the last two days been trying to send messages on myspace. Everytime I do this I receive something that states I have exceeded my daily limit. What does this mean and how can I fix it?

  46. Has anyone found the answer for correcting the error #GetResourceText(‘#ResourceFile#’,’ErrorMessage’,’#CountryCookieData#’)#

    I can not creat a new account on my computer and my daughter can not log into her account from my computer, but she can from other computers. Any help would be appreciated. My Space does not seem to have the answers.

  47. 2 days ago I tried to open my MySpace page, both by Name and by Customer ID Number, and got the message: “Invalid Friend ID.
    This user has either cancelled their membership, or their account has been deleted.” I DIDN’T CANCEL MY ACCOUNT! Although a search for my Name and my Email return “Sorry we weren’t able to find …”, a search for my Display Name finds 2 listed but only displays “1 of 2” with no display of the 2nd one, which is mine. And although my Comments and Picture has been removed from my Friends pages, I AM INCLUDED in their Friends pictures counter total, although my Picture is “invisible”. One less shows in their “View all Friends” page than their counter says is there. Might be the same for the Comments, but since you have to be logged in to view them, and I can’t log in, I don’t know for sure. Emails to MySpace Customer Service have not been replied to. It is like I am in the database but invisible. What gives? I’m waiting a couple more days for my Profile to magically reappear and if not, then I’ll recreate it. I’m glad I saved a copy of all of my codes in to a separate file.

  48. I have notice that ever since i switched the eye format on my profile, I can no longer view my
    friends subject in the bulletins after page one and also I can not view my friends list after page one.
    I was reading on alternatives on a help site and it said since I have an IMAC that might have something
    to do with it. Also that is the reason why I can not get myspace IM’s…. If anyone knows what is up,
    please help…. I have been racking my brain trying to figure these details out.

    Thank you,

  49. every time i click on a message sent me on myspace to respond, it takes me right back to the main page. When i check my comments and try to reply to them to, it automatically takes me back as well. Why is this happening? Did someone hack into my myspace?

    please help me out


  51. Im really irrated with myspace at this moment. I login successgully on myspace evrytime. However when i try to read messages,edit my profile,ad friens,etc., it brings me right back to the login page and makes me sign in again. It tells me to login to continue and make sure that you are visiting the REAL myspace. What is that supposed to mean? If someone has the answer to this problem, please share!

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