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  1. I purchased a Razr V3 from cingular on Monday Nov 15th. That phone had two problems one the key pad backlight would not light up and intermittently in order to disconnect the bluetooth you had to turn the phone on and off.
    So I brought the phoneback to the cingular store on Tuesday Nov 16th, and they replaced it with no problem. Now on Saturday Nov 20th the new Razr v3 suddenly has a horizontal white line running through it’s main display. On Monday If I get out of work early enough I will have to return this phone to the cingular store also.
    Two defective phones in less than 1 week is totally unacceptable, especially when you pay $500 for a cell phone.

    In the early 80’s I was an electrical engineer doing RF design for Motorola, and at that time I was very impressed with Motorola’s quality assurance program. I am disapointed to find that quality assurance has dipped so low 25 years latter

  2. DO NOT BUY the Mortorola MPx220, major qualify problems. Excellent design and software (MS Mobile), but phone has serious defects:

    1) Ear Sound unaudible (known problem)
    2) Ear Flap overtime literally bends out of shape when you close it. Motorola used a cheap plastic, not reinforced when designed. Already cracks in plastic after 10-days.
    3) Camera grainy, terrible pictures (known problem).
    4) BlueTooth headpiece terible as well, great design though. Can not use in average noisy area, ie. airport.

  3. MPX220. I bought one in January 2005 and what a mistake. The concept is GREAT but the phone sucks. I also bought the motorola bluetooth adapter for my car which is even WORSE. The MPX220 will not allow you to communicate with the bluetooth adapter. All you get for $170 is a really poor speakerphone for your car. The MPX220 is so low in volume for both the speakerphone and the normal earpiece that it is very bad to use in the car or outside. Motorola has really gone south! Do not buy! My MPX220 also makes a strange noise intermittently and cuts off my calls. DO NOT BUY!

  4. I also purchased the MPX220. Besides all the aforementioned problems, the battery cover is a very cheap plastic that allows the battery to shift…and therefore turn the phone off. And now the phone turns off whenever I close it. I will be talking to Cingular tomorrow.


  6. Visited Cingular store to hear Cingular and Moto have recalled the MPX-220 pending firmware and hardware upgrades due to the affore mentioned problems. I will give one to Cingular, however, asking Motorola to recall 2 phones ( 600 & 220 ) Also, there was suppose to be a new phone from Motorola, the pop-up keyboard phone. It was in Cingular’s advertising when they merged with AT&T. What happened to that phone? Whats going on Moto?

  7. quality problems are the major problem right now at motorola. a lot of people who have razr have been complaining about them as well. i think motorola has lost a grip on its manufacturing excellence

  8. I am sooo pissed. The only reason I went with Shitular (aka Cingular) was for the MPX 220. Well…as we all know that phone looks sweet and has all the bells and whistles a man could want. Problem is….you cant hear $hit when your on a call, the camera/video blow, and the rest of the programs just work when they feel like it. BTW…since motorola has recalled the MPiece of $hit…you cant get a “fixed one”. But they will give you a v551. F moto and Cingular.

  9. WORST PHONE EVER – vibrates for no reason and must be shut off to stop… Calls come in and you can’t pick up for unknown reason some times, volume low (duh), pictures suck, and worst of all – MY SCREEN STOPPED WORKING AFTER 6 MONTHS – COME ON NOW!!! Please do not buy this phone, u’ll thank me!

  10. Since 1st day I had a problems with it.
    1. As far as it has “windows” in it it is freezing up…
    2. first two weks had a problems with answering the phone(pushing the button..-no response)-sucks
    3.finaly after 3 weeks of use everything got stable..
    4.4 months later -shuting down without any reson, hard to turn it on,,
    5. 5 months later—-battery is not charging at all !!!
    DEAD !!!
    Don’t buy made in usa just because it looks so good, stay with well known & dependable brands.

  11. Motorola MPX220 review. I too switched to Cingular just to get this phone. I have been a Pocket PC (Windows CE) user for years, so I already had ActiveSync and Outlook up and running. Primarily becuase I hate shiny silver plastic phones, I bought an unlocked European version of the phone in black (its actually a very dark brown with a reddish hue). Mine came with packaging intended for sale in France, including the manual, but the English manual is available from Motorola as a PDF. Anyway, I have been using this phone for something like 10 months now without a single glitch. Handset volume is fine, I don’t even use the highest volume setting. No trouble with Bluetooth; I have the Jabra BT250 earpiece, which integrated just fine as a “hands free device.” I have never had a lock-up. No trouble answering calls. Sure the camera is poor, but its a phone. I use just about every feature on the phone, and I have purchased and installed a number of third party softwares from sources like Handango. I have customized the layout of the “Start” menus and folders. I use a 512 MB mini SD card for, among other things, a 10 MB dictionary, several photographs imported from other cameras, lots of music and complete apps like Xgen’s “Interstellar Flames” game for smartphone. No problems. Anyway, my unlocked French market phone works perfectly with Cingular’s SIM card and has a completely different software load from the US version. Yes, there is an English option for all of the menus and the Speach Recognition feature. So, go to your nearest Overseas Electronics store (I got mine out of one in Chicago) and don’t get the US version. This is a fantastic phone.

  12. I have gone through 6 or 7 mpx 220s throughout the last 8 months. I have never seen such a poorly designed phone. I love the integration of windows in it, which is why i bought this stupid phone for 400 bucks back in the day only to have it crash and fail me numerous times. One time, nobody could hear me talk. Another phone, stopped allowing me to text message. Another one wouldn’t save any information for messaging someone thus not allowing me to text again. I’ve had two just go completely dead never to start up again. Another one would not allow me to switch over to another incoming phone call. There may have been another phone or two in there that i can’t remember. I am so pissed about this stupid phone right now, I can’t see straight. I found this site looking up to see if I am the only one having these problems since my phone is dead right now, not turning on at all. And I just got this phone about 1.5 weeks ago from cingular in exchange for a previously busted phone.

  13. My last post was a test to see if I could post without an email address.

    Same problems as you all. Windows sucks – locks up all the time. Takes 5 minutes to boot – how can that be when windows is memory resident (no hard drive latency?)

    Missed calls disappears after you view them once – call history now sorts in name order not time order – can’t figure out how to change this.

    Can’t hear sh*t on this phone – how many of you also thought you were going deaf after getting this phone?????

    Cingular acts like you were the first person to ever have a problem with this phone. How come Ford,GM have to have recalls but a piece of sh*t like this isn’t recalled?

    Why is there a 5 second delay from when I answer to when I can start talking and the other person can hear me????

    Getting rid of this phone should drop my blood pressure by 20 points. I see now why cell companies what you to buy a 2 year contract.

  14. i totally agree. this phone is a piece of sh**. we paid 250 dollars each(bought 2) BUT there is a rebate so that they will be free …..assuming the rebate works. weird thing about the rebate is that you have to own it and be on cingulair for 6 months before you can submit the rebate.???? it BETTER WORK!!! there is an awful delay after you answer the phone…. i have to say hello 3 times before the other party hears me. and the volume is the worst. if you have it in your pocket with speaker facing you, you can’t even hear it. and yes you do think you are going deaf. does everyone hear the weird “computer type -fax type” noise at least once a day?
    so unhappy with this phone.

  15. I got an motorola mpx220 and i’ve got some problems…my phone is stuck on headphones profile and i cannot acees any settings…please help me to solve this out…thanks

  16. I bought this phone last year and have been experiencing all the aforementioned problems. In addition to that the phone has been sending text messages daily by itself! I got charged $120 by cingular for text messages sent because of this. I was wondering if anyone had any input as to whether Cingular is responsible or should I claim against Motorola since the phone is the problem.

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  18. well for the man who waits 6 months for a rebate… if that’s from wirefly or mobiledia you prolly just got screwed out of $250. They’re on the better business burow for not validating the reabates. So that aint good for you man.

  19. Bought my phone December of 2004. Had it replaced last year. Now the phone won’t recharge. Cingular graciously told me they could replace it for $210. I told them they could take that idea and shove it.

    Anyone have a class action on this that I could join in on. This phone certainly sucks. I have not been pleased with the performance since I got it. Cingular’s service, as do most wireless providers, sucks. My contract of course, is not up until December of this year.

  20. Man my mom has a motorola razor phone and it is TERRIBLE!! the camera is sorry but optional features does not matter just the service is TERRIBLE. I have hargray and everyone calls my phone just to get in contact with my mom. then my sister has Alltel and she has a Nokia and she recieved all her phone calls so it isn’t Alltel’s service its the phone. Also, when someone calls my mom her phone does NOT ring. So she can call people, but they can NOT call her!!!! Also her phone freezes up, her phone is set to have the user enter the unlock code EVERY time the phone is turned on. Her phone sometimes asks for a lock code, and sometimes it doesn’t. I have talked to about 7 people who have said that their motorola razor phone has multiple defects. I have caught on to Alltel, they know these phones have defects, but they gave my mom another and it does the SAME THING. I saw the Alltel representative take my mom’s old phone gave her the new exact phone, and put it in the new pack. So someone else is going to pay a new phone PRICE OF $300 for a used phone. COME ON NOW!!!! THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE.

  21. Thanks for confirming that I am not crazy. I got my a MPx220 in March of 2005. I had to send it to Motorola for a replacement in April 2005 because it was stuck on headset. Now it switches between headset and normal setting as I talk. It makes it impossible to carry on a conversation. The Fix? Send it and $75.00 back to Motorola for them to fix! I should have known something was wrong when I was told I couldn’t get an extended warranty on the thing because it was too expensive!

  22. Hi

    Damn I hate this fuker phone. The mpx220 is by far the worst buy I have ever made. I won´t buy motorola devices ever!

    joe (San Salvador, El Salvador)

  23. $hitty phone. First day I got it, it stopped charging the battery. Battery died, phone is never to turn back on. Looks Nice, but looks alone are not worth the money.

  24. Da Razor sucks yo this is my 2nd one in a month and a week after i got it it stopped charging, now still wont turn on for no reason wat soever !!! F-U motorola you suck!!!

  25. I install games and programs in my motorola mpx220, this programs are trial. when i uninstalled this trail programs , in the cell see that the uninstall completed i will restart the motorola, when i do this and on the motorola , stop in the logo motorola and do nothing . what can i do to resolved this problem ? thanks

  26. i bought mpx220 and it i found out it not a very good phone.when i got my first one it hade perblem could not here then i sent it back they sent me a nouther one that one no one could here me when i was in a call and..it’s sound is not loud enuff and the just SUCK’S .it look nice ald all that but don’t let look’s trick you it not worth it stay away from it not a good buy..Take it from it not worth it this is my 4 one and i’m still haveing perblem with it………

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