18 thoughts on “Move over Treo, HP Mobile Messenger Is Here”

  1. There is a deluge of such devices in the market. Another one I was reading about today is the HTC which is the first one to come out with Windows Mobile 5. The distressing thing is the lack of these devices for CDMA service providers which sucks.For people like me who pretty much gave up on all service providers before signing up for Verizon Wireless really have to be a part of the waiting game and never get to have too many options in terms of smartphones. Hope someone wakes up to this call 🙂

  2. Nitin, the Samsung i730 isa Windows Mobile smartphone that is available now for Verizon and sports EV-DO and Wi-Fi. Seems to be well received except for its poor battery life…

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  4. does it run Windows Mobile 2003 or Windows Mobile 5 ? Can it be upgraded to Windows Mobile 5 if it comes with WM2003 now ? Why would anyone buy a device with WM2003 when WM5 is around the corner in all these upcoming devices and Exchange Server SP2 and the Messaging and Security Feature Pack are all about to deliver so much more ?

  5. Have had a treo for some time now and just bought the hp about a week ago and just opened up last night to do my due dilegence comparisons. The thing I noticed immediately is that processing speed increse in data transfers and downloads. I think now I will be “lying in fields of gold” as sting said once or twice.

  6. sorry small correction in my above post, what I meant was ‘Sony Erricson P990’ ( my above post is about P910 which is earlier model) which is still not availble in US, but available in Europe.

    See all the specification at this urls



  7. Does the US model not have GPS? I’ve had this device for a year now in Europe and use the GPS/TOMTOM Navigation daily.
    I think the price of this device is due to the integrated GPS and afaik, it is still the only one with this option and was the only reason why I bought it.

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