3 thoughts on “Moving up the job chain?”

  1. Well, we could all become real estate agents. Hard to outsource that job to someone living in Shanghai or Bangalore. My friend, a former software developer in San Jose, became a real estate agent a few months ago and just sold his first house. He told me that one-third of the people in his real estate course consisted of laid-off software engineers and technicians. Other possible jobs that are really local: painter – can’t expect someone from Bombay to do that for you; chef – try getting a real chef from Szechuan to make kung pao chicken without actually having to come over here; physical therapist – no way you’re going to get that massage from someone based in Manila; nail salon lady -you cannot get your nails done by someone who operates out of Beijing.

  2. I agree with Mr. Zhu Min’s comments.

    The software industry should get out of it’s funk and get back to what made this industry so attractive to so many: An opportunity to learn, teach, and invent!

    BTW, I’m surprised Esme V didn’t list the one profession, we in the US need the most, as an option that a Chinese or Indian cannot fill: Teaching! Or is Stanford moving to Bombay?

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