6 thoughts on “Thunderbird Can't Get No Respect”

  1. Thunderbird is a great app., but still has a ways to go. It needs integrated calendaring. It needs better anti-spam (another Blue Frog please). It also needs to be accessible as an extension to Firefox, perhaps as an RIA. It will never gain the attraction of Firefox b/c everyone needs a browser but not everyone needs a software based email client.

  2. i think what it needs is more resources and frankly mozilla has given lip service to an app that the world sorely needs. i think mozilla has to look at itself hard and rediscover the vigor it had when it had introduced firefox.

  3. Google or Yahoo lacks desktop e-mail clients and they talk big about their e-mail services. It might make sense for either of them to take up Thunderbird project. As somebody pointed out, TB has to have a lot more to be able to become everybody’s darling. Calendar is a must . So as far as the direction goes, compete with MS Outlook offerings with Exchange integration(i am not sure if it has already). Checking out forthcoming Apple mail app. would be a good idea too. Once you are in that league, a free program will make much more sense.

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