2 thoughts on “Mp3 Player Price War Looming”

  1. The only thing the working man has to fear are the MORONS in the corporate board room.

    I must wonder how many Harvard MBA’s have approved of this STUPID strategy of competing on price.

    Even that political wacko James Carvelle knows that when you are in a hole, the first thing to do is STOP digging.

    Apparently, these moronic mgt teams have never heard of “behavioural finance”, etc., nor have they ever read Paco Underhill’s “Why we Buy”, or even “Trading Up”, or lest I forget my personal favorite Virginia Postrel.

    The value prop of the iPod is nowhere near as crass as a “low price”, its an intangible.

    By continuing to compete on price, these jackass competitors only enlarge the gulf between themselves and Mr. Jobs. They are playing right into his hand.

    If mgt morons had a clue they would match the iPod’s price and then imbue their product with different mix of intangibles.

    The way to crack the iPod’s strangehold is to discredit its intangibles, not highlight them.

    Focus not on your product per se, but what consumers feel or derive from your product.

    Competing with powerful internized intangible attributes with the blunt force of lower prices is just plain stupid.

    Apple fully understands that the iPod is a proxy for something much larger in scope than merely playing music. You would think after several years, somebody else would’ve noticed this.

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