12 thoughts on “Murdoch: I want my VoIP”

  1. I don’t think Vonage falls into the Voip category that News Corp is targeting. I would expect News Corp to be interested in buying an AOL on the high end or a Gizmo Project or TelTel on the low end. These would attract online activity leading to ad revenue. Vonage is a phone service that has limited online appeal.

  2. FWD would be a fine choice for News Corp for a good many reasons, not the least of which are it’s SIP infrastructure and the service’s remarkable list of partnering agreements.

  3. Xten has more corporate customers than end-users. It’s business is based on selling it’s software platform. The former cofounder of Xten left the company and went to Eyeball. The recent CEO left after only 2 months. If someone buys them, it would only be for a few million. It smells like a dead cat, Morris.

  4. I don’t think Vonage would want to sell to Fox. A better suited partner would be someone like SK-Earthlink or T-Mobile. Cellular, Wifi and Voip from one company could make for a revolutionary offering.

  5. Rick

    that was excellent move by Mark Bruk to kick recent president out,the guy was use car salesman,at the same time he hired Jason Fischl(much bigger then Erick in voip industry)who through sipfoundry founded TELTEL,you don’t see the bright side and just bash former xten,don’t know why?

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