4 thoughts on “Murdoch on AOL, Google”

  1. Google is always rumored to be in on big deals but never comes out the “winner”. Since big deals seem counter to Google’s DNA, is it more likely just fishing, driving up the price, winning by losing?

  2. GOOG for some reason cannot work with other big companies, they are equally “hated” by their partners and competitors. If they need organic growth, they are probably going to hit a wall pretty soon.

    Om – can you please do a write up on the partnerships google has and the revenue they have been hitting up with them. They have been poor partners and even poorer in ackowledging the role of their partners. One more thing they have been pretty good at – is shunning the publicity on all the lawsuits hitting them – if any!!! 😉

  3. pwb >> business is all about partnering >>> GOOG has been good at taking from the open source and the “community projects”, but hasn’t really been good at giving back, i need more proof of their goodness. They provide advertising based services that are free..but every business has a limit (for mathematicians – google’s limits do not extend to infinity).

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