5 thoughts on “Murdoch, WiMAX and The Two Way Web”

  1. This is kind of boring conjecture. So what if Murdoch buys a search firm? How will such strategy benefit the lives of millions of people or in some way change the world? He’s not an innovator.

    Murdoch has always been afraid of technology himself and he relied on people within his camp like the late John B. Evans to help him out with tech (yes, it was John who Murdoch appointed to News Electronic Data, Inc. in the early 1990s to try and bring News Corp. into the digital world as Evans was planning a travel online service that would work with General Magic’s agent-based Telescript (how’s that for a history lesson?). Who does Rupert rely on inside his inner circle these days? Maybe its his young wife Wendy Deng from Hong Kong who is 35 years his junior and who is probably more tech savy than the recently resigned Lachlan.

    Bringing Fox News to my laptop via WiMax doesn’t really isn’t all that earth shattering. I need to catch up on my sleep now …

  2. Satellite + WiMax is something I thought a lot about back before Intel got involved and all the hype made it embarassing to speculate openly about WiMax. Going after customers who have already shown willingness to let you stick equipment on their property makes good sense.

  3. Jesse, you’re hitting on a key point re: CPE. The combination of an outdoor antenna linked to a powerful PVR is a significant advantage… particularly in the long run, as software-programmable radio emerges.

    And Tabitha, John was a dear friend and mentor. I was honored to be a speaker at his memorial service… when I had the privilege of recalling that it was he who first chacterized the web as a way to “bring the ‘me’ back in ‘media”. He’s sorely missed.

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