3 thoughts on “Murdoch’s DirecTV Dilemma”

  1. The John Malone option seems silly, he’s very astute, and if this plan/fantasy doesn’t unfold he’d lose bigtime.

    My guess is that cagey old Rupert is just poor-mouthing his own asset to gain support for a satellite merger. I think the military calls this “preparing the battle field.”

  2. Dude. Om. Some quality control please. It took me three times through the posting to get what you were saying. Awkward sentences are killing your game man. Although based on the posting time, looks like you may have been up late.

    Good points made though, once I figured them out.

  3. om, i think you (and everybody) are missing the point: rupert murdoch isnt tiring of direcTV or satellite. he’s tiring — plum exhausted and pissed, actually — at the lack of control he has over his holding company, news corp. he hated the fact that malone (or any non-murdoch-family entity) had authority over news. then wily ol’ malone went and radically INCREASED his position in news over the last year or two — to the point where rupert had to (re)act. but dislodging malone ain’t easy and cheap, and so — given that the USA govt seemingly will not allow merger with ECHO — direcTV goes on the block…

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