10 thoughts on “What Is Your Social Network Really Worth?”

  1. Om said:
    ……”A day before Thanksgiving, this is a great time waster.”

    Absolutely great line.
    When I was reading the post I was thinking to myself the perceived value has NO value because these people have trusted you with their “identity”. That said a great mental masturbation exericse.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. this can be a useful thing for startup
    i am sure you must have heard of Connector Maven Salesman Theory of Malcom Gladwell
    a big problem in rolling out a New Soc Nw is to find out These Connector and maven . with this service any entrepreneur should be able to find connectors at least and lure them to
    new Nw. thus bringing some of his Perosonal network too .

    It can actually a good tool if you look at it that way .

  3. It is a great time waster, but it has some hidden truth. Your network cannot be under-emphasized. The value you bring to any business or organization (in many cases) is measured by the depth of your connections. Trying to place a dollar value on your network though is rather silly. It’s a great marketing/conversation piece for Xing though…


  4. Have not looked at Xing but somehow i find it hard to believe the cheeseballs who have 10 kazillion friends on facebook can attach some sort of worth to that.

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