11 thoughts on “Mysore, India offers commercial WiFi”

  1. Exciting to know this. but not sure what the note means by saying 100% covered? Also wonder why the Mysore Bangalore hiway is not getting wired? – Kushalnagar is enroute Coorg (a lovely hill station in Karnataka) but less dense in terms of traffic..besides with hiway to Blr getting six-laned…
    Will try this out soon…

  2. Hi,

    The entire area as mentioned in the papers is not covered. These are actually 3 hotspots with a effective radius of around 50-100m.

  3. Appreciate it !!!
    We being in US are not able to get the wifi. Whereas in Mysore they have made it reality. That itself is an achievement.

  4. I will be arriving in Mysore (Gokulum) December 6 2005 and living in the city through March 2006 I will be working by email with my clients in the US. Do I need to have Airtel come and hook up the DSL or is Mysore and more specifically Gokulum truly a free WiFi hotspot?

    If anyone can provide information, I would really appreciate first hand knowledge.

    Best regards,

  5. Its really difficult to find details on who is giving Wifi, which areas are Wifi Hotspots etc.

    I feel this is more propoganda than truth. Last I enquired from one provider and he told me that you need to buy a wireless router worth 7K rs. If that is what I have to do then why is city called wifi city.

  6. What’s so great about the Wi-Fi of Mysore if covers just an area of 100 meters(radius)i don’t think that’s a big achievement .

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