5 thoughts on “MySpace Does Premium Video”

  1. i’d love to see a poll about how many watch myspace vid compared to other sites. I actively avoid myspace vid, and myspace altogether. i would imagine most of the readers here do the same.

  2. This is all fine and dandy…. But Houston, we still have a problem.. http://myspace.com/fox still does not work on any Vista machine…!!

    MS BTW is bragging that 40 million copies of the OS already gone out the door.. So, all of them as well as I STILL can not see any shows such as 24, Bones etc..! We just get a redirect get this little nag screen http://creative.myspace.com/VOD/vista.html..

    I’m simply stunned that this is not news here or anywhere else.. Everyone is stovepiping it.. LOL!

    Anyway, do we just wait for SP1 ? Does anyone on this forum have the answer? Are you watching this WSJ.com? My guess is yes. Since they told FOX to go take a hike last week..

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