One thought on “MySpace Music Not an iTunes Rival: MySpace CEO”

  1. I could not understand why if you make the ink, how can you complain about the company that makes the printer and the ink cartridge making more money than you?

    The record labels seem to be so stuck on milking CDs for everything they can get that they missed opportunities elsewhere and they screwed their artists so now the artists don’t want 360 deals and have to give up their touring and merchandise money.

    What does a big label offer today?

    – Deep pockets to pay radio stations to play a song
    – Deep pockets to pay MTV to play a video
    – Deep pockets to produce really expensive music videos

    But the web alters the distribution ecosystem and removes the need for deep pockets to build a rabid fanbase for musicians to make money.

    Even MySpace is a great platform to expose your music and build a fan base, without MySpace music. Musicians would give away their music for free if it meant touring and merchandise sales.

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