10 thoughts on “MySQL prepping for an IPO”

  1. My eyes are lighting up with happiness… Could it be that businesses are focusing on business, with the prospect of going public? It’s about time we seen some REAL action and broke away from the “Please buy my widget, YahGoogSoft!” model.

    Widgets filing for an IPO? Never… Actual services with paying customers? Definitely. I think we’re about to see another mid to late 1990’s all over again, but hopefully without the crash. That’d make me very happy 🙂

  2. I don’t see why people would think that a MySQL IPO would succeed. I thought bloggers made up the the vast majority of MySQL users. MySQL doesn’t charge these guys. They only charge corporations. Companies who could decide to use the same technology they use for other business functions ( SQL Server or Oracle or DB2).

  3. watch out db2…someday, at least. i’m a big mysql fan although i am kind of surprised they still need to take venture funding 5 yrs after being founded. perhaps that’s the capital necessary to turn mysql into a reliable, enterprise-worthy db product.

  4. My responses to a few of the previous comments.

    MySQL isn’t used just by bloggers. Ever check out a webmaster forum? The overwhelming majority will be using it on custom sites. They (MySQL AB) make their money on ancilliary products and integrating MySQL databases into other software products. And they aren’t going public to get more funding… they want to cash out! At least partially. They have a great business model, and of course they’ll keep it free. That’s how they stay in the catbird seat. They’re not going to charge for it, just so they can be eclipsed by another open source DB after years of building a developer community.

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