8 thoughts on “Naked DSL is here… almost”

  1. Sure, he was talking about SF’s network proposal, which is a total political football at the moment, not a real proposal, but Seidenberg wants to act like metropolitan non-cellular networks are impossible–even as he bids on them. No one is proposing these networks are built autochthonously–although that word is a misnomer when applied to something that may never touch the ground!

  2. His comments have more to do with the culture that a big telco breeds- centralized, controlled, expensive, .99999. The problem for Seidenberg is that IP changes the ballgame to- distributed, ubiquitous, cheap, and continuously improving reliability.

    I’d be snarky too…

  3. The way I read the naked DSL article, it seemed to be saying existing DSL customers can drop their phone, but new custerms can’t get just DSL. So, if you are not already a Verizon DSL customer, this is no reason to become one . . .

  4. I tried to disconnect the local service by calling Verizon and apparently it is a scam – another case of Verizon false advertising. The rep refused to let me disconnect.

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  6. Telcos invested billions in what they thought would be a cozy duopoly to cover the last 1/4 mi of internet access into millions of homes and small businesses. WIFI caught them by surprise and now they are trying to lock out the competition. Only a telco could possibly fear competition from a government entity. They expect a fair rate of return for their investors risk. But when those risks materialize, they want protection from the competition!

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