4 thoughts on “Napster has a very bad day”

  1. If Napster wanted to really grow the service, they should work hard to integrate podcasts, both on the subscription and publishing side. Yahoo’s going to do it sooner or later and bury Napster if they don’t. Media RSS anyone?

  2. Its not just podcasts. i think the biggest problem with Napster and all its competitors is that they are so generic and have nothing that stands out for them. podcasts … well they should do that anyway

  3. i think this is ridiculous. because you might sign up for “subscription” mp3s, but you can’t burn the CDs of your mp3s and if you stop paying, you lose all “your” music. this is more on-demand time-shifted radio than anything else. What kind of idiots think they can make money when they need $30+ in revenue per month per user, yet only charge half that? whats going on here people? What happened to the days of non-bloated startups (even though this isn’t a real startup, its basically Roxio v2).

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