6 thoughts on “Net Brazil aims for 150 Mbps over Cable”

  1. One of swedens largest broadband providers, Comhem, have announced that they will start upgrading their network and offer 100 Mbit. They have just started to test the service with a smaller amount of customers.

    Fiber is spreading, DSL is cheaper and turbo-3G is becoming popular. Cable needs the speed to stay competitive.

  2. Ha ha. Right. Currently the most reliable Internet connection in Rio de Janeiro is through NET VĂ­rtua http://netvirtua.globo.com/ . Their best “8Mbps” is really only about 2Mbps on the good days, and their DNS continually times out. What happens when your Internet connection is down for a days? Nothing. You have to pay a handyman in your building to dig in the walls to find out some NET technician mistakenly put a blocking filter on your line. 150Mbps? Don’t hold your breath. Brazil is not Singapore.

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