20 thoughts on “Netflix + Broadband = Watch Instantly, Even on Big-screen TVs”

    1. I think of it as iPod, you can think of it as iTunes. I think you and I are on the same page as far as their usability is concerned. I mean they had turned the act of watching video online dead simple. Their UI could use a facelift, but then it seems to be working.

  1. Finally, HBO makes its content available online. I think people will switch between PC and TV unless TV experience will be significantly different. This is where 3D might come in and interrupt this convergence

    1. I don’t think it is an either or. TV and PC would represent two different experiences and I think it is going to be interesting to see how it really shakes out. My view is that TV is about to get more interesting — in fact HBO on Cable would need to do some creative thinking about how to leverage that big screen in a more effective manner.

  2. While I mostly agree with this article, several of my friends and I have had trouble cutting cable for two reasons – live sports and internet price gouging when you don’t have a cable subscription or a landline.

    I have my PC connected to my TV and it’s fantastic…I just wish Netflix would start streaming in HD as they already do with many other devices. It was nice to see that 5.1 sound is on their roadmap for this year.

  3. We got a Roku for Christmas, and while I love it for its gadgety goodness, I’m disappointed in the Netflix TV interface. You have to add stuff to your queue from your computer, and finding Watch Instantly content even through the regular Netflix site is a real pain. The search and browse functions need a drastic overhaul.

    1. Yeah, even Roku admits it needs a better user interface, and have said that they’re working on it. The current system just isn’t very intuitive. As for adding titles from your computer — not sure that’s going to change. I think it might be exclusive to Xbox 360 for now.

  4. The Netflix + Xbox 360 experience is absolutely fantastic! I’ve got a huge library of movies, tv shows, documentaries, cartoons, etc. all easily accessible and instantly available, even in HD! It’s a better experience in than Comcast’s On Demand service, since the choices on Comcast are constantly rotating in and out, while almost everything on Netflix is there for good. For $9 a month (+ Xbox Live service which I have anyway), you can’t beat it. Oh, and you get 1 disc out at a time too… but tell me why when I dug up the disc we had out from behind the entertainment center back in September and found that it had been sent in January! I hadn’t watched it because there was so much good stuff available instantly!

    1. ditto – xbox360 and netflix is amazing – my boys are so used to watching video on a laptop screen (13 and 15 inch macbooks) that it’s like endless access – they can bring the xbox around the house to stream shows and movies into the tv set or simply take the laptops around and watch stuff, all on demand…recently changed my netflix from 3dvd’s and unlimited streaming to 1dvd and streaming because we watch so few physical dvd’s – and in the odd event that we want one, like once a month when netflix is ‘in the mail’ (because it’s so fast), then we hit the local redbox for a buck and get a movie, which still means i can rent like 5 or more physical dvd’s and thousands and thousands of on demand streams across multiple screens and devices for abotu 10 bucks a month – blows the cover off the cable model

      now, i just need sezMi in boston because fios will ensure its awesomeness…at which point i’ll be paying about 30 bucks a month for ten times the content volume of cable at about 1/2 or or 1/3 the price…

  5. Netflix is missing all the new programming you can find on cable plus sports, news, etc.

    I really don’t see how you can compare it to cable at all. IT’s really a different beast.

  6. I was over at relative’s house he was in the middle of watching one of those yet-another-mummy-movies. At first, I was about to accuse him of downloading a low-res VHS copy for his 50-inch TV. It turned out he was streaming it from Netflix through XBox.

    The quality was so low (with visible pixelization so awful I couldn’t pretend I see a clear picture even when standing across the room) that I immediately realized that not only I will not ditch cable for very long time, I would probably not going to be a big believer in online streaming for next few years.

    1. Don’t write it off based on that one experience. The quality varies in real time based on how much bandwidth you have available. Also, older movies aren’t available in what Netflix calls “HD”.

      If you watch something new like “Food, Inc” on an average broadband connection, you will not be able to tell the difference it and a DVD of the same film.

  7. I love Netflix on my $100 Blu-ray player!
    However, regarding “cutting the cord,” if you get broadband through cable, then you will have to give up a multi-service discount to drop TV. In the case of Comcast, that discount is ~$15, but the lowest plan is only ~$19. So, you can effectively get a bunch of SD channels for the bargain price of $4/mo, which is hard to justify giving up for a little local news and “on-the-spot” late night shows now and again.

    However, since I did that, I was strongly craving motocross in HD, and the only real option is a bunch of upgrades to get Speed HD. Too bad I can not get decent video coverage of my favorite sport online, but that is the world we live in with exclusive coverage and broadcast rights.

  8. The problem we have with Netflix streaming is that the selection just plain stinks most of the time. It’s great for Discovery shows, but they’re all last season’s shows. There are way too many kids cartoons and B-rated flicks to sort through. I’m hoping that the new deal with Warner Brothers (the 28 day delay deal) will allow Netflix to add more media to the streaming library.

    Another thing about the streaming selection – watch your queue because items will expire off of the queue and you can’t re-add them. It will show an expiration date, so pay attention. If you’re like me and added a whole bunch of stuff to your queue, you might be surprised to find that some stuff has simply vanished.

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