14 thoughts on “Netflix on iPhone: You’re Gonna Like It”

  1. “Now if they only made it available for my BlackBerry…”

    That’s like saying “Now if they only made it available for my RAZR…”


  2. “You’re Gonna Like It”?

    No I’m not, because it’s not available for my Android. Please have some consideration for the Apple-averse when you write posts like this, even if only to say “Eat my closed and proprietary dust, you open-source losers!”

  3. I am very impressed so far: Easy to set up. Easy to navigate. Asks if you want to start where you left off from watching on desktop. Only request is an improvement of the scrolling.

    And to top it all off, the picture quality is very impressive even over 3G, at least here in Dallas.

  4. And – if Apple switches AppleTV over to iOS4, next week, as some have pontificated – another new device in the living room becomes available as new Apple TVs roll out.

    Apple TV STBs able to subscribe to NetFlix.

  5. The Netflix App makes my iPod Touch a total, multi-media, multi-tasking device. I use the Whistle Phone App to turn the iPod Touch into a cell phone and I use Clear’s 4g iSpot to get fantastic service on the go, so no AT&T concerns to worry about. Excellent app and great product offering.

  6. Isn’t streaming expensive? I love Netflix, but I wonder how long they can maintain the current prices and without ads. I tend to watch more if content is available streaming and I’m sure they’ll serve up more content streaming than through snail mail.

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