4 thoughts on “NetRadio All Jazzed Up, Again”

  1. I was curious but not enough to have to install new software. I’ll stick with the 160k mp3 streams available at Digitally Imported. If I hear great things perhaps I’ll switch services down the road, but I really like Winamp 160k streams for when I’m surfing the net with only 128MB of RAM.

  2. I’m giving the trial a chance and I may end up keeping it. I thank you for bringing NetRadio to my attention.

    I was a little grumpy earlier because everything has a price but this one looks to be well worth it.

  3. The Jazz Voices and Opera channels are great, but I’ve cancelled my NetRadio subscription due to the lack of customer service. For example, I was unable to edit my account at their site, so yeah, another company has launched without being prepared.

    Shoutcast.com is still the best place for free radio streams, and Digitally Imported has the best subscription and customer service.

  4. Sorry to keep talking to myself but I wanted to let any Google searchers know that NetRadio is very good. I’m staying and they’ll probably lower the price and add new stations as well.

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