5 thoughts on “NetSuite's Billion-Dollar Dream”

  1. SalesForce has got the foot into the door for majority of the traditional CRM customers. SaS and SoA is the buzz word everywhere and seems like SalesForce is doing a good job of selling their side of the story. Its an interesting battle and the “Oracle ‘Con’-“Fusion” is adding to the upgrade worries. With choice getting limited to SAP or Oracle(Siebel, Peoplesoft) SalesForce might just have a chance. SalesForce got serious consideration from my past 3 fortune 100 clients during every upgrade or new implementation. Not sure about netsuite though.
    If NetSuite does really well, that means the market which both SalesForce and NetSuite operate in grows at the expense of Oracle Apps. Its Oracle’s Apps business, on which Oracle has bet its long term growth strategy. Larry afterall was an investor in SaleForce which is competing against Oracle now.
    Not sure how long he can stay on the board of netSuite. Once they go public they will start competing more aggressively for the same market.
    Basically the point I am driving is, it might not be as simple as it sounds and not necessarily a good news for Oracle’s share holders.

  2. Just to follow up, there is a difference in strategy between the way a company like Oracle operates vs Microsoft. You will not see Microsoft funding ZOHO just to kill google docs market share. Microsoft will try its level best to change the topic of conversation and keep the focus on its core office applications.

    Where’s Larry takes some emotional decision like funding SalesForce to put pressure on Siebel in the SMB market. And then funding NetSuite to put pressure on SalesForce. The long term strategy should be to protect the core apps and core database business by creating innovation/strategic locki-ns and putting other entry barriers. It really doesn’t make sense.

  3. NetSuite has built a strong business that is addressing many more business functions than Salesforce.com. The SaaS trend is here to stay and companies will be looking to migrate more of their applications to the SaaS subscription model. NetSuite provides an integrated Suite that will offer a more comprehensive solution than Salesforce.com. We use NetSuite along with Projity’s Project-ON-Demand for our project management. Keep your eyes on both NetSuite and Projity!!!!

  4. After two years on NetSuite, we switched to Salesforce.com. Salesforce not only is far easier to use, it’s more cost effective, you get tighter website integration and you gain all the benefits of AppExchange plugins. There’s truly no comparison.

    David Ciccarelli

  5. There seems to be so much hype regarding NetSuite and it’s IPO starting at $26+ and now up to $32.00+ per share. They’re traded in the NYSE “N” as its symbol. Yet two principal executives, Zach Nelson, CEO and Timothy Dilly, VP don’t care about settling a complaint against NetSuite and how they literally destroyed a new start-up company out of $$millions of dollars due to their negligence in developing a software program that was completely out of their league, (though they won’t admit to this). NetSuite has created a patchwork software program that continuously malfunctions and when you call the support number you spend up to 4 hours in trying to solve a problem. 15+ years working with developers and programmers, I have never encountered such a company to massacre (wipe-out/kill) a new company of everything. This software program was intended for the company to run as a 100% internet based staffing company since June of 2007. However, the program was completed according to them, however,(this was only scripting), until October 2007. It’s not even working properly for our staff or clients to use. They have yet to respond and totally ignored this situation. If you visit http://www.netsuiteconsumerfraud.com, you’ll know then, what I am talking about. Oh! they now want to make a deal.


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