19 thoughts on “NetVibes, now with one less CEO”

  1. I hope their plan to unleash the Universes still goes forward. I’ve been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to curate my own public Netvibes page and share it with my friends. It seems like this will be a great way to popularize such a great resource.

  2. “which till recently had [to] co-CEOs”

    Just call me a co-editor 🙂

    I dunno about Wikio… their Alexa stats show a flat-lined (or slightly declining) visitation rate. Leaving an established startup might be somewhat risky, although I’m sure part of it has to do with “co-CEOs” – did they both have to report to each other, and who did the lower level management report to? One, or both?

    Sounds a little complicated…

  3. I am somewhat suspect of personalized pages as businesses. This is not because I don’t find them interesting, or cool. I do have a Pageflakes page. Problem is twofold:

    1. I still have MyYahoo, iGoogle, and now Pageflakes as well. I don’t want to give up my registration, plus a little nostalgic towards my original MyYahoo page.

    2. I’m not clear on where the revenue comes from these “businesses”. I see high churn, limited page views, and lack of stickiness in general as problems. I can’t see how VC’s will get a substantial return on their investments.

    Just my $.02.

  4. Curtis, i agree with your first concern, user acquistion is a big problem for this startpage companies as there is no viral growth component in this business. The only way to acquire users (beyond the geek crowd) is to partner with ISP’s or OEM’s and thats sure going to be very expensive.

    But your second concern (monetization) is a no brainer. Being a internet gateway/tollgate is a very profitable business, a simple search partnership alone can yield north of $20 CPM’s.

  5. … but also face increasingly energized large companies, that are preparing their one personalized page offerings.

    Yeah, don’t forget Bubbletop goes live very soon. A beta invite is in your mailbox, Om.

    Everyone else: let me know if you want a pre-launch beta invite account.

  6. @Mike – the Universe feature has been delayed for a long time. As far as I know Pageflakes and YourMinis had that feature since 2006. You might want to check that out. And yes, I am a Pageflakes user so of course I am biased.


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  8. One last word about us: Wewbag Mobile shows that one of the next frontier is the widget synchronisation between a personalizable page and its real widgets on mobile. (www.webwag.com/mobile)

  9. We also need experienced individuals from the web1 days to really help web2 grow into fully sustainable businesses. It’s great having a brilliant product, technology, and vision – but ultimately at some point they need to make the revenue.

    I’ve spoken about my time briefly with Pierre at Kelkoo:

  10. @Gopi,

    Your make a good point except a lack of audience puts heavy downward pressure on CPM’s. My points are tied together, so what you refer to as a no brainer isn’t a no brainer. This likely explains the departures and disagreements on monetization strategy.

  11. There are many sites out there like netvibes very impressive but I don’t know how do they make revenue out of this are we near dotcom bubble 2.0 burst??

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