7 thoughts on “Network, Blackberry 7100’s biggest drawback”

  1. Do you have any idea as to when itll be offered on Verizon or AT&T? Have you seen something like this before with phone makers going exclusive to a provider first and then branching out to the others?

  2. AT&T Wireless has plans to carry the BB 7100 when RIM meets AT&T standards. It has not passed their network certification standards, and has many flaws that will become apparent as more devices hit the streets.

    T mobile has a history of putting product out on the street before software glitches are corrected.

  3. I love the looks of this phone, but unfortunately T-Mobile’s coverage in Florida is absolutely terrible. I can’t wait for it to come out on… any other carrier.

  4. This phone has just come out in Canada on the Rogers/AT7T network. The BB7290 is also available. The BB seems to work very well in Canada. Any comments between these two items

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