5 thoughts on “New Definition of Cool, Sony Ericsson S710a”

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  2. this is a great phone and all but id rather not pay the entire $399+ for it. BUT for all you out there feeling the same, i have found a site where they sell it for only $40! to get it for the same price email me at beairbed7@comcast.net

  3. This phone pretty much has everything you need. The MP3s sound great with the head phones (mediocre on the speakers). The camera is awesome as is the screen. I haven’t had any problems with the menus.The only drawback is the memory available. The onboard memory (32MB) can fill up really fast with pics and MP3s (especially if you want to use them for your contacts picture and ringtones). Their is an expansion card but it only supports Memory Stick Duo of which the greatest capacity is 128 MB. There is no way to get around this and no plan to do so in the future (according to Sony). However, with the appropriate tools, an 128 MB card can hold up to 40 full length songs. I just carry a couple cards in my case loaded with different songs. Inconvenient yes, but workable still.

  4. This is the most amazing phone i’ve ever used. i had a moto v188.. wasn’t really happy but i had a cell phone… almost bought a razr.. i’m SSOO glad i didn’t i got this one for free… with a broken screen i replaced it myself (relatively easy repair if you know small electronics) for 50 bucks total… awesome phone.. great media player MP3s MP$ and AAC from iTunes playable.. i can stream ENTIRE FULL LENGTH VIDEOS from my home pc to my phone.. i just recently watvhed pirates of the caribbean only thing i want that it doesn’t have.. is full screen video.

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