One thought on “New Skype for Mac and Other Web 2.0 Tales”

  1. That SF Weekly piece about Craig’s list is a hackjob, the whiny style alone is grating. Instead of moaning on and on about Craig’s list taking away newspapers’ revenue and jobs, he should be looking at how the newspapers are completely incompetent at it. They’ve been listing apartment classifieds for years and yet their experience is completely useless, as all their attempts at craig’s list-alikes (, careerbuilder) get blown out of the water by craig’s list. Or he could take an opposite tack and see that for limited funding, anybody can compete with craig’s list because it has very low barriers to entry and barebones technology. The only barrier, the network effect, is not much of one for local community sites (you can pick off one community after another individually) and craig’s list makes mistakes like limiting the network effect by not allowing people to search multiple cities at once. So, the article could have been about how craig’s list is making many mistakes and could be taken out (although this would further highlight the stupidity of his employers, the newspapers, as they’re getting spanked by this amateur). Of course, all this would require some analysis, something most twits in the media are incapable of. I read some pretty good blogs (and I’m addicted to gigaom) but I don’t come across whiny crap like this in my reading. The irony is that he’s complaining about the quality of blogs and citizen journalism in his transparent, whiny, misdirected attack on Craig.

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