10 thoughts on “New Tools GigaLinks and User Feedback”

  1. If I want to read only the Gigalinks, I could easily skip the long posts. At the same time, it’s nice to know the long posts are there if I have time to read them. So, imho, keep them together in one feed.

  2. Om, love your blog. Read it everyday. As someone else has already posted, all the best posts are on the left side. Sometimes a few interesting posts pop up on Gigalinks. I would suggest that you keep both together.

  3. Hello Om, I am hooked to you thanks for continue to share your insight & knowledge on the Internet space.
    I just noticed the gigalinks when you mentioned it. Those links are interesting as well as the Gigaproject however…I don’t another RSS feed though.
    How about 2 summary posts in the your standard RSS feed for the latest updates in Gigalinks and Gigaprojects ? That drive you back to you your site for more information.

    Also I like the ROLLYO search. Found what a needed first go round. It’s like going to a trusted advisor/friend for their guidance :-).

  4. Om: I enjoy the mix of GigaLinks and long posts. If you are going to create a separate GigaLinks RSS feed, I would end up subscribing to both feeds. I usually visit the site when I read a long post, as I can devote more time to it instead of attempting to read it in Bloglines.

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