10 thoughts on “New Tools GigaLinks and User Feedback”

  1. If I want to read only the Gigalinks, I could easily skip the long posts. At the same time, it’s nice to know the long posts are there if I have time to read them. So, imho, keep them together in one feed.

  2. Om,
    I hardly ever read your GigaLinks or for that matter anything in your right side bar. Most of the fun articles are on the left side :-).

    Hope this helps.

  3. Om, love your blog. Read it everyday. As someone else has already posted, all the best posts are on the left side. Sometimes a few interesting posts pop up on Gigalinks. I would suggest that you keep both together.

  4. Hello Om, I am hooked to you thanks for continue to share your insight & knowledge on the Internet space.
    I just noticed the gigalinks when you mentioned it. Those links are interesting as well as the Gigaproject however…I don’t another RSS feed though.
    How about 2 summary posts in the your standard RSS feed for the latest updates in Gigalinks and Gigaprojects ? That drive you back to you your site for more information.

    Also I like the ROLLYO search. Found what a needed first go round. It’s like going to a trusted advisor/friend for their guidance :-).

  5. Om: I enjoy the mix of GigaLinks and long posts. If you are going to create a separate GigaLinks RSS feed, I would end up subscribing to both feeds. I usually visit the site when I read a long post, as I can devote more time to it instead of attempting to read it in Bloglines.

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