7 thoughts on “New VoIP outage.. AT&T CallVantage this time”

  1. Intersting topic…running sales for a hosted communications company (providing hosted PBX functionality then aggregating several VoIP carriers for “IP Dialtone”, we walk a thin line to not set expectations too high in the sales process. Fortunatley, our users have the cell phone mentality…whena call is bad, they just call back.

    On a side note…Om do you at least see a bit of irony in this thread when every one of your links has at leat 3 Vonage adds on it. Too Funny…at least to me

  2. I don’t think I skirted the issue..I was trying to draw a comparison to things in the past that had similar problems and issues and eventually those problems got resolved. I still think VoIP is in an evolutionary stage and like most technologies their are issues to resolve. But these outages are an issue…that I agree with..

  3. I have Vonage Canada and experienced no outage. Even if I did, I wouldn’t get upset because I realize that VoIP is still a new technology and like all new technologies it has problems. When people sign up for this service they should keep that in mind.

  4. AT&T- Lack of communicating outage problems to customers- I spent over 1 hour w/first level support trying to resolve a VM problem and only after it was escallated was I told there was a outage witht the voice mail system- Wanted to lodge a complaint and I was disconnected

  5. Excerpt of letter sent to ATT CallVantage folks

    We have been left without phone service for our fire system and security system by your ATT CallVantage group. The service was supposed to activate on Friday and I spent 6 frustrating hour on the telephone (almost 2 hours of that hold time) only in the end to be told the people working the issue left for the weekend. Some Customer Service! We are telecommunications consultants (members of FCBA) and we used to recommend your services. Five day a week support will not hack it. I plan to pass these comments along to various FCC Section Chiefs Monday. I think that the VoIP industry will need significantly strengthened regulation if this type of Customer Service is what we can expect in the future. I would be available by cell phone at 386 405 6606 to discuss this further. (I also did not mention that the equipment order was equally screwed up)

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