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  1. Thanks for very interesting article. I really enjoyed reading all of your posts.
    It’s interesting to read ideas, and observations from someone else’s
    point of view… makes you think more. So please keep up the great work.

  2. Interesting, but seems like it needs some fine-tuning. For example, there are numerous topics that are related to the NFL (teams, players, etc.) but only one story under the “National Football League” heading. Shouldn’t they be linked? Maybe I’m just not getting the concept…

  3. I bet you every Lotus Notes developer will be looking at the outline with a blank look on their face. The “categorised view” has been a staple UI element in Lotus Notes database applications for more than a decade.

  4. The outline view is good – more blog like, but the categorization using keywords don’t make sense. After watching that “Information R/evolution” video I realized categories suck! They should just have an outline listing and have a different site for sports, technology, business, politics etc or maybe just one site with a navigation structure that takes you to different lists of articles by subject.

  5. I am curious to how the taxonomy is applied. If the taxonomy is applied by the news provider, it is no different from the categorization that providers like CNN already do (World news, sports, football etc..). As a consumer of news, i would like to create a list of keywords that i am interested in and then apply it across news feeds and read the most popular news feed on a specific topic.

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